It's Tattoo Time!!!

Every now and then I get the itch for a new tattoo. This one has been brewing in my brain for a while now. And thanks to my Progressive Insurance commercial that has been running like crazy, I've finally got a little extra cash to spend. So tattoo time! Well, first I bought a couple new wigs, then tattoo time!!! Here is the stencil of the drawing at my awesome tattoo parlor, Broken Art Tattoo in Silverlake:

And here is the finished product. Well, not finished, finished, just what we got done last night. After 5 hours. After 5 painful hours. But it was so worth it. I love what we what we got going and I can't wait for the shading and color to finish it up! Now just to wait the 3 weeks to heal before the next appointment.

Next time is the life of Sarah... maybe some Star Wars Cosplay... maybe a funky R2D2... Who knows?