Valentine's Day!

Well, let's be honest, when you recently had to say "Bye Boy" to the guy that you've been dating because he told you he doesn't believe in monogamy... after three months of dating... Valentine's Day isn't something that you really look forward to. But in an attempt to not drown in my own self absorbed bull shit, I figured I would would turn this V-Day into my own little "Treat Yo Self" day!

First things first, I put on a fun wig, did my makeup all pretty and took some pretty pictures.

I had to go with the pink wig. I mean it was Valentine's Day. I'm still kinda cheesy like that. Next, what is a Tuesday without tacos. And I was craving some. So off to one of my favorites, Hugo's Tacos.

Next I went to my absolute favorite place, the makeup store! You know, just to pick up some necessities. LOL! Who am I kidding?!?!? I got two new lipsticks and an eye shadow palette that I totally didn't need. But who cares. "Treat yo self"!

And what Valentine's day is complete without chocolates and perfume? So I bought both for myself!

I even bought myself a stuffed animal! I couldn't help myeslf, it was just too cute!

Being alone on Valentine's Day is a real bummer, especially for a hopeless romantic like me. But unlucky in love, is unlucky in love and sometimes you just have to make the best of it. Hey, at least I got that teal Mac lipstick I wanted. I'm pretty sure it matches one of my wigs... I see another photo shoot on the horizon...